Last week, we saw bloodroot at Severson, sharp-lobed hepatica at Etnyre, spring beauties and bluebells at Deer Run. You can see photos of those ephemerals here.

This week we saw wood anemone, trout lily, dutchman’s breeches, buttercup, marsh marigold and (emerging) red trillium.

We saw trout lily (sometimes called fawn lily) in abundance at Deer Run.

Marsh marigold at Deer Run.

Wood anemone at Deer Run.

These adorable Dutchman’s breeches have been “hanging” around for a couple weeks. We’ve seen them at Deer Run, Hononegah and Severson Dells.

Behold the simple beauty of the meadow buttercup! Bonus wildflower: a spring beauty is “photo bombing” the buttercup.

We’ve seen countless emerging specimens of red trillium. We haven’t seen the lovely dark red blossom yet. Have you?


Those are the wildflowers we saw on this week’s 815 Outside hikes. What have you seen? Let us know! There are many more wildflowers in the woods of northern Illinois just waiting for you to notice them. We hope you find time to visit these delightful flowers before they are “gone!”

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