With temps in the teens and wind gusts up to 35 mph, hikers were given the option to stop at two miles but they insisted on tacking on another windy, hilly mile!You’ve read it, heard it and probably even said it: “Nature is good for you.”

Of course it is, but you can’t really know that until you get outside and experience the goodness for yourself.

Three city miles in high winds and low teens…and they still smiled!

But once you’re out and about, a transformation occurs. Your mood improves. Your mind loosens up. You feel better. You start to smile. Genuinely smile. It’s true: Even on the coldest, windiest and snowiest hikes, our hikers leave the trails with smiles on their faces.

Even though we know we’ll feel better if we just go outside, many of us still have to force ourselves out the door. You would think getting outside comes “second nature” to us, especially now that the weather is warming up, but it can be a struggle. Who among us hasn’t succumbed to the call of the couch?

We at 815 Outside want to make it easier for you to ignore the “couch call” and get outside so we planned 12 hikes for April. We kicked off the month with a special “April Fools’ Day ‘Hike of Pranks'” and it was wonderful to step into the “wilderness of silliness.” If we didn’t see you on that hike, we hope to see later this month.

Remember: A smile is just a hike away. Join us!

These folks smiled through three miles of snow and slush!


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