The Winter Bingo Challenge was coordinated by 815 Outside to encourage folks to get outside and make the most of winter 2021.  Participants could complete any five activities in a row to make a bingo, or try to complete all 25 activities. 

The challenge has come to a close!

Thank you to everyone who participated and encouraged those around you to look closely at the nature that abounds here. If you didn’t make the deadline, keep going and tagging your photos with #815Outside! We love to see how you enjoy the outdoors.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Between January 1st and February 28th, 2021, 

  • 135 people participated, plus friends and family members who came along for the adventure
  • 56 people did at least five activities to make a bingo
  • 25 people completed the whole bingo card

Feedback from participants:


Thank you so much for doing this! I had so much fun!! I love the outdoors but this challenge really got me doing things, going places I might have never done. Hope you continue more events like this for Spring!”

This was a ton of fun! Thanks for getting us all out in the first REAL winter we’ve had in years!”


“I couldn’t believe I crossed the top five off at Rock Cut. The other extras at Sinnissippi. You got me out of the house and out of my depression. Thank You!”


“We moved to the state in June and I have to say we just love all the opportunities that are available to families here. Thank you for all you do.”

Everyone wins when exploring and enjoying our beautiful parks and preserves, but the winners of our random name drawing are…

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