Picnic Places and Tips

Forest Preserves of Winnebago County Picnic Shelters

Picnic shelters are great for your family, company or club. There are 25 shelter house facilities available in 17 different forest preserves in Winnebago County.

Click here to see the list of shelter locations or reserve a shelter



Rockford Park District Shelters & Picnic Areas

There are numerous parks with beautiful views for a picnic. For a directory of parks that have shelter, picnic areas, or gazebos, click here.

While you may picnic at any park for free, group gatherings are advised to make a reservation in order to guarantee that specific location is prepped and ready for you. Reservations can be made in advance online, or by calling Rockford Park District Customer Service at 815-987-8800.


Environmentally Conscious Picnicking


Things to consider before heading out for your picnic:

  • Prepare at home. Even if you are bringing take-out food to an outdoor space, you can pack your own silverware, plates, and cloth napkins to reduce single-use plastic and waste.
  • Select your spot. Find durable or established surfaces to lay out a picnic blanket or set up chairs, and be conscious of how close you may be to other people or designated activity spaces.
  • Don’t feed animals. Keep track of your food and crumbs, and clean up any trash or food waste immediately to keep the local wildlife safe.

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