Map of Forest Preserves of Winnebago County’s preserves: 

This map indicates the location of each site and the major roads in the county to make it easier to navigate to each preserve.


Preserves Map

Map of the trails, parks, and some of the forest preserves in Winnebago County:

This flier also indicates the type of surface that makes up the paths at each site, whether there is parking at each site, whether or not a site has restrooms, and the various recreational activities that one can do at each site.


Parks Map


Rock River Trail

The Rock River Trail is a National Water Trail, but there’s so much more to do and see. In fact, the Rock River Trail has 10 more intriguing trails to explore, including biking, hiking, birding, paddling and more! Head out to explore the beautiful Rock River!

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Interactive County Outdoor Recreation Map

This interactive map shows the location of parks (indicated by the flower icon) and preserves (indicated by the tree icon), as well as the many different forms of outdoor recreation that can be done at these and other sites in the county.

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