If you have kids or grandkids, helping them create a loving relationship with winter increases their chances of having a healthy relationship with nature, not just all year long, but for the rest of their lives! Hiking in the cold builds resilience, boosts moods and improves health. Your kids will sleep better (and so will you!)

Take a break from staring at screens and hit the trails. Here are some of the perks:

  • No bugs
  • Vitamin D
  • Fresh air
  • See things like nests and mushrooms that are “hidden” in the summer greenery
  • Hear beautiful birdsong
  • See overwintering birds such as blue jays, juncos, nuthatches and woodpeckers
  • Burns calories

It’s free, fun and good for you. Just remember to hydrate, layer up and don’t stay out too long! Check in regularly with each other and make sure everyone is comfortable. This includes checking in with yourself! If you follow those guidelines, you and the kids are destined to create a healthy relationship with nature all year round.

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