Most people naturally possess a “healthy skepticism.” We at 815 Outside welcome and encourage independent thinkers! But we don’t want you to be cynical about our free hikes. They are truly for you, your friends and family, your neighbors and the people you have yet to meet!

The reason we offer so many hikes is because we want to attract and accommodate everyone. We welcome hikers of all ages, races, abilities, religions, genders, pregnancy statuses, genetic information and national origins. We’ll always make room and check in with you during the hike to make sure you feel safe.

This week alone, we hosted a hike with more than 60 people (photo at top). A couple days later, we hiked with (left photo) three people. And you know what? Both hikes were exhilarating, valuable and downright joyful!

We’ll happily hike with anyone! If there are 50 hikers, great. If there are only two, also great! But…real talk: The more people who show up, the better. Bigger numbers increase the likelihood of adding more hikes!

So if you’re dubious about our altruistic mission to help people get outside, we encourage (beg?) you to simply show on one of our hikes. Every single time we step outside, we are adding positivity to the public. This is influencing at its best!

Imagine driving through downtown Rockford and noticing people hiking alongside the busy street. Chances are you’ll automatically think, “What a great community.” Maybe not those exact words, but we’re willing to bet that the moment you see people outside doing something healthy for themselves, you instantly think something positive about your community. When a community attracts healthy people enjoying themselves outside, everyone benefits physically and psychologically.

Although it’s natural to question the veracity of things that are “free,” please don’t question the veracity of our mission to help people get outside. We’re doing this to improve the health of the hiker and the health of the community. So come on! Join us! Here’s a list of the upcoming hikes.

And, fun fact: All of our hike ideas come from the community! So if you’ve come to a hike and suggested a hike, chances are you’ll see your idea turn into a full-fledged 815 Outside hike!

What are you waiting for? Register for a free hike today!

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