Hikers, hello!

It’s National Haiku Month so we’re celebrating our February hikes through poetry. You’re probably familiar with the 5-7-5 syllable format but not all haiku poems require this! They need only be short, unrhymed and evoke natural imagery.

Our first haiku commemorates our cold morning hike at Howard Colman Hall Creek.

the wind sent shivers

down our backs as we trudged up

the shadowy hills



Our next poem celebrates our winter hiking series “Cocoa & Company.”

snowflakes fall as I

sip and hike; my cup

runneth over



We kickstarted our city hiking series at Haskell Park in downtown Rockford.

in the heart of the park

an unbreakable boulder

is weighted with history




Our nighttime snow sculpture hike at Sinnissippi Park was refreshing and fun.

the rock river runs as

snow sculptures glow

under the moon



Colored Sands and Sugar River Alder connect so we hiked for two miles in each preserve. 

colored sands

concealed by snow will soon sweeten

sugar river



Have you seen the barred owl at Funderburg?

a barred owl soared and

screeched from his tree towers;

a wise land acknowledgement



We rode bikes at 7:00 a.m. on Valentine’s Day on the snow-laden trails at Snow Park of Alpine Hills.

early birds

pedal beneath the morning sky

fly into our hearts



Were you on one of our hikes? Did you write about it? If so, we hope you share it with us!. Whether you’re a poet or not, we thank you for reading! See you on the trails!


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