An ice storm caused power outages, downed trees and school cancellations across northern Illinois last week. It even caused 815 Outside to cancel two hikes!

We pride ourselves on being tough and adventurous but, more importantly, we pride ourselves on being safe. Sure, we’ll hike in the rain…as long as there isn’t lightning. We’ll hike in the snow, but not in an ice storm. And we’ll hike in the dark, as long as we have permission and are wearing reflective clothing. While we are firm believers in a “The Show Must Go On” mentality, we will always be safe and sane in the process.

So what does that mean for you, exactly?

It means you can count on us to schedule and lead hikes in every corner of our region at a variety of times. It means we are prepared with options for hikers to either shorten or lengthen the hikes. It means we check in with each hiker throughout every hike to make sure everyone is safe. And it means we never stray too far from the trailhead, just in case there is an emergency and we need to hustle back. And if we need to cancel a hike, check your email or visit our social media. We’re good communicators!

Hiking is only fun and rewarding if we are being safe. So please don’t cancel 815 Outside if we sometimes have to cancel a hike. We need you!

We’ve scheduled a variety of hikes for the month of March. We’ve even re-scheduled the two hikes we had to cancel last week at Nygren and Pecatonica Wetlands. And this is the month we’re starting our City Hiking Series. Fun!

Please help us get the word out because these hikes send an amazing message of positivity out into the community. Invite your friends, family and neighbors on our hikes. Until then, stay safe!

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