Byron Forest Preserve District

Preservation, Education, Recreation

Explore Ogle County with the 7 preserves through the Byron Forest Preserve District! Each preserve offers unique features, such as an education center, hiking trails, equestrian trails, prairies, woodlands, and so much more. You may even spot the largest Eastern Cottonwood in the state!

They offer a variety of programs, facilities, and activities. Geocaching is a big attraction in the preserves, with 41 different geocaches to be discovered! You can also enjoy a round of golf at the PrairieView Golf Club. A unique golfing attraction is their year-round golf facility, PrairieFire Golf & Grill. Another unique feature is the J. Weiskopf Observatory. This observatory hosts free public viewing sessions, allowing you to enjoy the magic and wonder of space, from right here in the 815. The Byron Forest Preserve District also has the Jarrett Prairie Center, where you can learn all about the natural history of the Rock River Valley.

Check out all of the wonderful opportunities Byron Forest Preserve District has to offer by visiting their website.

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